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Which JK suits your needs?

Middle of 2015 and it is now becoming clearer which JK to buy and their longevity.
First and foremost the Rubicon is the best platform for your build. Lockers front and rear, diff and that transfer case are worth their weight in gold. And their resale value is far superior.
It is  NOT cheaper to buy a sport and build it to Rubicon spec, don’t even bother, unless you plan to rip out the diffs and upgrade to heavy duty Dana 60s.
The CRD is becoming a pain in the ass. Motor is lucky to do 250000km and spare parts pricing is just stupid.
Steer clear from them unless you are doing serious miles per year, 40000kms plus.
How is the Pentastar? Despite what we reading about cylinder head issues on the early ones, we only know of 3 here at DBOR.
The motor is proving to be reliable and fuel efficient and with plenty of power too. The auto is fantastic and reliable, changes are smooth and still the better choice over the manual which is suffering from clutch issues.
The 3.8 whist relatively lacklustre, is doing some serious miles and is cheap to maintain compared to the CRD.
So if your in the market for a JK which one do you buy? In the ideal world go a pentastar auto rubi for your build.
If your looking at second hand, if your budget can stretch to a pentastar buy it over the 3.8.
Would you buy a 3.8 rubicon or a 3.6 sport. Yep, still Rubi hands down.
Hope we have made your decision easier!!!