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Living with the Pentasta

I am now into my 3rd month of my new JK, and I still love driving it every minute I get! Having owned mainly diesel 4bys over the years, I was really concerned that this new Pentastar 3.6 V6 petrol would not live up to the hype. How wrong I was!  What I love about my new Jk compared to my 07 JK:

  • The interior is a special place to be. The finish is fantastic, the cooperate steering wheel with multifunction is smaller in diameter with a great feel
  • Power Mirrors, finally!
  • USB functionality in the console, makes using your ipod simple
  • Bluetooth functionality that actually works with an IPhone!

 The heater! OMG, coming from a JK CRD which takes 10mins to warm up, to be able to turn the heater on in a few min has been a godsend this winter.

Now to the engine. Wow it actually is awesome! Plenty of power, very smooth with decent bottom end torque. Not as torquey as my old CRD, but not far off it. And heres the best part, it drinks bugger all! Wiith stock tyres on, I was getting mid 11s to 12s and now with 34s and standard gearing im still around the low 14s. You wouldn’t even get close with the old  3.8 minivan engine. It would be mid 15s, 16s in this spec.  Unless your doing over 35000kms per year, its pretty hard to justify the additional expense of the diesel anymore. The manual would be more efficient too, especially the lighter 2 doors!

The auto? Driving the old 4 spd auto proved this combo was prehistoric. I despise em.  It would kick back a gear on a 3% gradient, it really didn’t suit the engine. This new 5spd is smooth, the tiptronic function works a treat offroad.

Hill Descent Control actually works well too to my surprise.  For short sections where you need to go really slow especially in reverse its very good.  Im a bit unsure how the brakes would hold up after a very long descent commonly found in our High Country down here.  No replacement for regearing or a rubi case.

My son has named my JK Barbasmurf and it has stuck. Barbas being my surname, smurf as in the color which is Cosmos Blue.  Love the color, it can stay dirty for weeks and isn’t very common in JKs!

What mods have I done to it?

  1. It has our Barbasmurf Lift Kit,

  2. DBOR bulbar:

  3. Smitty winch:

  4. XRC sliders:

  5. 34” maxis big horns on these rims:

 So far the gearing isn’t too bad offroad, HDC makes up for any tricky bits. But I will be regearing to 488s eventually. On road, I cant tell the difference to be honest.

The best mod I have done? This would have to be the Air raid air intake kit, awesome power improvement and the noise!!!! People think its a V8. If theres a better noise our there for a V6 im yet to hear it!

Daily I take customers for a drive in it, once they hear it, they order it before even looking under the bonnet!

What plans do I have for Barbasmurf? For the national Jeep Jamboree, its going to be in touring mode with a Gobi rack and rooftop tent.   Then....those D60s which I keep looking at every day waiting for me and 38” tyres will make it a downright weapon! Stay tuned!

Bulbar and Smitty 10000lb amphibious winch which is awesome being fully sealed against the elements unlike the opposition.