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Mud Vs Rock

I was privileged enough to experience two of Americas iconic 4x4 tracks last month, the Rubicon trail in California and Moab in Utah.

Furthermore, I did it driving some seriously modified Jeeps. Poly Performance threw me the keys to their stretched shorty on massive 40" tyres for the Rubicon and did Moab in Teraflex 4 and 2 door Jeeps running 37s and 35s. Trailmods were there too in a shorty on 37s complete with their prototype turbo V6!

So what we're the trails like and how do they compare to what I mainly drive here in Vic which is mud?

Well for starters, I really question how Jeep defines the trail rated badge on its rigs. I don't believe any stock Jeep could drive the Rubicon trail straight from the factory. Maybe only just a swb jk rubicon. But it will be damaged and battle scarred!

How a kk cherokee is trail rated is BS in my opinion!

For Moab you could drive a stocker but you wouldn't be able to complete the major trails. Just as it should be!

Rock is pretty cool. No dust, roof and doors off and you can have a blast! Best thing is no washing of your truck either after a trip! I was amazed of the paint work of the Teraflex trucks. Not a pin stripe to be seen as there are no trees in Moab where you wheel!'

But as fun as it was it did get a little boring towards the end. In particular the Rubicon trail coming back, staying in low first and second all day going slow can be tedious and a bit boring.

For me I love mud and ruts. This bought it home to me when we went to Toolangi a few weeks ago, going sideways in mud and struggling to get up hills with both lockers engaged!!!!! I enjoy the crawl of rocks, but I also love driving mud filled ruts fast trying to keep the jk straight!

But boy I'm sick of washing the mud off! I baptised 3 car washes and have spent over $80 at the car wash and still haven't got it all off!

But I would go back to Toolangi at the drop of a hat, then Moab and then the Rubicon. In that order believe it or not!