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What are they thinking?

The current edition of 4x4 australia magazines 4x4 of the year contest makes for entertaining reading. They pit a swb rubi and lwb sport against the LC 200 new ginormous Patrol and the new colorado 7 and Landrover Discovery. To cut a long story short the disco wins. But from a magazine focussed on offroading some of the comments both surprised and dissapointed me:

- "the discovery is refined,com
fortable, quiet, capable, clever, tough and affordable. At the price quoted in the mag of 78990 plus on roads its bloody expensive. Either the wages at this mag are awesome or im missing something. Throw a bar, a winch and some tyres for instance and you have a near $100K truck!

- The Jeeps which drank 16lt per 100km were considered poor tourers. For one how can a swb and lwb with different weights and diff ratios record the same fuel figs? Furthermore they quote 'underneath, there is not much room for a long range tank' . I suggest you look properly, the aftermarket has this option well and truly covered.
The winning discovery with its high tech diesel returned a 'respectable 13lts per 100' and it has a paltry 82 litres. My old JK crd on 37s used to get that mileage and with the aerodynamic of a brick.

- In the category, of Breaking New Ground they wrote:

'" The Wranglers new hi tech powertrain is now almost too much for the vehicles chassis and suspension to cope with. Jeep has only gone half way in bringing the Wrangler into the modern 4x4 world, which is a shame."

A shame? The JK is the most popular Jeep ever cause of its retro styling, people are flooding to the brand cause of its solid axle suspension! If it wasnt for the JKU, chances are, there would be no Jeep at all today!

- " The Wrangler Sports value and new engine and gearbox are its big appeal, but these are negated by the half done feel of the vehicle-notably its suspension performance." I agree the onroad ride is poor, but offroad is where this supension set up shines.

- "These, as well as the limited touring range and terrible ergonomics, make a potentially great vehicle not so much" Touring range of the diesel would have shit all over the land rover. And as for a petrol engine with over 200kw of power, the Pentastar is fuel efficient in a 2.3 ton truck

It makes me wonder what the priorities of this magazine is at. Would you seriously travel into remote areas with such hi tech vehicles? Do you think these can tackle the toughest tracks we have on offer? Or are they more interested in the dirt road getting there rather than the gnarly track which is why your going?

How many owners of these other brands use them offorad? Wrangler owners would have a massive percentage rate of those that actually use their rig.

But you can buy two JKs for the cost of one Disco, is it double the truck?

Dont think im a LR basher as I think their interiors for example are the best in the business. One day I want a RR sport on 35s!!!!!!!

What are your thoughts?