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Synergy Jeep JLU 3" Rear Lift Coil Springs 8864

SYN 8864-30

Synergy MFG Jeep JL Multi-Rate Rear Lift Coil Springs. Synergy MFG has designed these springs from a clean sheet for the new Wrangler platform. All springs are multi-rate and have been designed to make a great platform even better. These springs are unique to the JL and not shared with the JK or other vehicles. Like OEM, our coil springs are unique lengths to account for load differences on each corner of the vehicle.

There are right and left specific springs front and rear to guarantee the vehicle will sit level. Multi-rate design has a soft initial rate which prevents the spring from coming loose in the coil tower, even with long travel shocks. The ride rate is slightly stiffer than the OEM springs to account for additional weight from bumpers, winches, skid plates and gear. Springs are proudly manufactured in the United States of the highest quality steel. Springs are designed to be able to set solid (fully collapse) without overstressing the material and are pre-set from the factory meaning the springs will never sag or set.


  • Increased ride quality
  • Increased wheel travel/articulation/traction
  • No spring bowing
  • Lifetime warranty/guarantee against sagging and breakage


  • Multi-Rate coil springs allow for longer spring lengths and increased travel
  • Spring rates are only 5-10 percent stiffer than stock for superior ride quality
  • Coil spring block heights designed around common bump stop spacings to optimize wheel travel
  • Unique spring lengths for each corner of the vehicle so it will sit level side to side
  • Frequency balanced and tuned spring rates to maximize suspension performance on and off road
  • Abrasion-resistant black powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Sold in pairs