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Jeep JK Hawk LTS High Performance Brake Pads - Rear

Hawk Performance brake products are engineered to allow users to control, command and conquer whatever type of terrain their vehicle is designed for. Decades of experience developing friction materials for Aerospace, Industrial, Military, Automotive and Motorsports applications have given them an advantage over the competition. Their advanced friction technology enables Hawk to provide the right brake pad for whatever you drive, and wherever you drive. That's what separates Hawk Performance from all the rest?
Product Details & Specs

Why did we choose to sell these?  Because we know the man who did the testing for em !!

Here's what Brett from Dominion Offroad found:

"Lets face it, the factory brake pads aren't the best in the world. About three months ago, I set out to find the best brake pad replacement that I could find. The options quickly became limited to Hawk, Akenobo and EBC. Akenobo has not developed a performance brake pad for the JK. Only an OEM replacement.

Where I personally needed extra braking performance is when I have a wheel dropping off of an obstacle, lets call it a rock. The technique that I use is to keep the Jeep in gear with my foot on the break. I like to push the break hard just as the wheel is dropping off the rock. It keeps the rig moving forward smoothly as if I had extremely low gearing. You don't see any of the pulsing motion that you get with an automatic tranny, or if you're trying to role down it in neutral. I had to hammer the brakes way to hard to get my rig to slow down and even with full foot to the floor the factory brakes are not enough. I now have that extra of braking power that I need. I've seen the difference.

I've spent the last six months testing the Hawk pads and I'm stoked with the result. A marked improvement in cold stopping power and that's just what we need for crawling around on the rocks with big tires.

I've also heard of guys with larger tires not having enough stopping power to get the ABS to kick in. I've not run into this myself, but have the piece of mind that I've done what I can to maximize the stopping power of the factory brake system. A larger brake system was too expensive for me to justify.

I talked with Hawk. They make a great product. From what they told me the benefits are more for racing. Most high performance brake pads are high performance because they have a strong bite when they get hot. I don't really care about bite when my brakes get hot. Why? because they never get really hot. I wanted cold stopping power. I'm offering Hawk brake pads, because I've had a great personal experience with them. I'm offering them because so many people have had great experiences with them."

Key Features:

  • Improved braking over OEM
  • Superior fade resistance
  • Low Dust
  • Excellent pad and rotor life
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