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Synergy Suspension

Synergy Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) in Forged Housings JK/TJ

Synergy Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) in forged housings have all the benefits of our Dual Durometer Bushings in a forged housing package. These are available for all Synergy products that use a Johnny Joint or rod end. See table for applications and specs. May be compatible with other products.
Product Details & Specs
  • Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) feature a maintenance free, grease less design
  • Housings are forged from high strength 1045 steel and treated for corrosion resistance
  • Control arm bushings are self centering with 30 degrees of misalignment
  • Outer "soft" durometer acts as bushing cushion and flex material
  • Inner "hard" durometer lining acts as the bearing surface to allow free floating inner sleeve to rotate.
  • Provides for a maintenance free "zero bind" bushing
  • Internal bushing ring separates inner and outer materials to prevent inner sleeve gaping at extreme flex
  • Direct replacement available for Synergy products using a Johnny Joint or rod end
  • Available complete with bushing installed

Options Available

Part No.   Description  Mounting Width  Bolt Size  Shank
 SYN-4800-01  LOWER CONTROL ARM JOINT  2.625"  9/16" / 14MM  1 1/4-12 LH
 SYN-4801-21  UPPER CONTROL ARM JOINT  2.32"  9/16" / 14MM  1-14 LH
 SYN-4802-31  JK JEEP TRACK BAR JOINT  1.60"  9/16" / 14MM  3/4-16 LH
 SYN-4802-32  TJ JEEP TRACK BAR JOINT  1.60"  1/2" / 12MM  3/4-16 LH
 SYN-4805-12  TJ JEEP REAR UPPER CONTROL ARM JOINT  2.00"  10MM  7/8-18 LH
 SYN-4807-01  JK JEEP FRONT LOWER SHORT ARM FRAME SIDE JOINT   2.625"  9/16" / 14MM  1 1/4-12 LH @ 6.3 DEG ANGLE
SYN-4801-22   JK JEEP REAR UPPER CONTROL ARM FRAME SIDE JOINT  2.625"  9/16" / 14MM  1-14 LH


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